October 22, 2013

Russian Militant Straps Bomb To His Cougar Wife

Dmitry Sokolov is 22 and chickenshit she WAS 30.

Jihad Watch:

"Sokolov, who went missing in July 2012, converted to Islam and is believed to have developed an interest in explosives." What a coincidence!

Divorce might have been easier, but not nearly as satisfying: "Husband 'prepared' Russian bomber for fatal bus attack...

I know there's a joke here somewhere, but I'm having a block.

Put yours in comments and the best gets the new "Our Hajj will be complete once we rape your women" Fatwa.

Update: The brand new super exciting Our Hajj Will Be Complete Once We Rape Your Women Fatwa issued against Papa Whiskey for:

A Muslima was prepped for a blow-up
In small chunks and hunks she did go up
Killing bus riders
Like poor flies by spiders
This odious creed makes me throw up.

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