October 22, 2013

No Freedom of Speech or Religion in South Africa

No, they didn't criticize Islam ... they mentioned it. And for the "crime" of mentioning that a few Muslims were at a protest ... they got fined:

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) fined in an August 29, 2013 judgment a South African radio broadcaster for making an “unjustifiable connection with Islam” during news reports....

BCCSA fined the public broadcaster SAfm R10,000 each for two violations of South Africa’s Broadcasting Code on May 24, 2013. The complainant, SAMNET (South African Muslim Network), charged in the first instance that a SAfm noon bulletin discussed “immigrants protesting in Switzerland about employment and other issues.” The clip stated that the “protesters were not linked to any religion even though some Muslims were present.”

The other "criminal" speech violation? The same broadcaster mentioned that the murderers of Lee Rigby were "Islamic extremists".

Get it? You can't mention in South Africa when people kill in the name of Islam because .... racist!

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