October 21, 2013

If They Do This To Each Other, Just Imagine What They Would Do To You

Muslims attacking Muslims, and they both hate the Kufar more:

WASHINGTON, October 18, 2013 -- A group of Americans visiting Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj were threatened and attacked earlier this week on Oct. 16 by a radicalized group of extremists. On one of the nights where Hajj pilgrims are required to stay overnight in the city of Mina, a group of young men began asking different sets of pilgrims if they were from the United States.

When they encountered a group that identified themselves as not only Americans, but also as Shiite Muslims, they were threatened and attacked by the group of men, who were apparently armed with knives and other blades.

During the attack, the men reportedly shouted "Our [holy pilgrimage] will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them, and [then] raped your women."

In continuing the assault, the men also shouted "We're going to do Karbala all over again," referring to an important historical event to Shi'ite Muslims, wherein the grandson of the Prophet, named Imam Husain, was brutally attacked and killed, after he was forced to witness the killing of many of his family members. The survivors of the incident, mostly women and children, were immediately imprisoned in circumstances that resulted in the deaths of some of the prisoners.

The Americans fled the tent area, which the Saudi government had specifically designated for American and European pilgrims. During the escape, many of the group, almost entirely U.S. citizens and mostly hailing from Dearborn, Michigan suffered bruises (in one case, due to an attempted strangulation), concussions, broken bones, and black eyes.

Notice the Washington Times refers to the attackers as "a radicalized group of extremists," the implication being they are part of the tiny, minority of Muslims who misunderstand the Religion of Peace™. Yet, when the victims reported the assault, they were met with laughter from authorities.

To add further insult, the victims were informed by the U.S. Embassy that they could only receive help had they died in the attack.

Not that I'm a fan of Dearborn Muslims, it's just I couldn't help thinking, if they treat each other this way, imagine how they would treat you and your family.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

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