October 18, 2013

Long Island Man Indicted Attempted to Join AQAP

A Long Island NY man has been indicted for attempting to join al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Earlier this year his friend, Justin Kaliebe, plead guilty on a charge of also trying to join AQAP:

Marcos Alonso Zea, also known as "Ali Zea," was charged in a 5 count indictment with conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, attempting to provide material support to terrorists, attempting to provide material support to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as Ansar al-Sharia (AQAP/AAS), and obstruction and attempted obstruction of justice.
Zea attempted to fly to Yemen through London last year, but the Brits didn't let him transit through and sent him packing back to the US. You'd have thought this would have sent up red flags and that Zea would have dropped his plans, but no, both and and Kaliebe kept trying. But the pair were under surveillance. After Zea learned his friend had been arrested, he tried to get another friend to erase his hard drive on his computer. Too late, the Feds already had that locked down too:
Despite Zea's efforts to thwart the investigation, investigators obtained the hard drives and conducted a forensic examination, which revealed an assortment of violent Islamic extremist materials. For example, the drives contained issues of Inspire magazine, an AQAP/AAS publication that promotes violent jihad, containing articles such as "Which is Better: Martyrdom or Victory?" "Why did I choose al Qaeda?" "What to Expect in Jihad?" and an interview with "Shaykh Abu Hurairah, The Military Commander of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula." The electronic media also included a video, disseminated by the propaganda wing of al-Qaeda in Iraq, depicting the detonation of an explosive device on a vehicle carrying western military person
I haven't been able to find the indictment or complaint online yet. If you see a link do me a favor and email it to me.

In the meantime, watch out for the cornhole.

UPDATE: And within seconds of asking, I receive. Here's the indictment.

Thanks to @webradius

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