October 15, 2013

Meanwhile in Latakia Syria

John McCain's freedom fighters carry on with traditional Eid customs.

Long War Journal:

Latakia is a coastal stronghold for the Assad family. But the rebels did not target only regime assets in the offensive, dubbed the "Operation to Liberate the Coast." They also unleashed sectarian-motivated violence in more than 10 Alawite villages.

HRW "has collected the names of 190 civilians who were killed by opposition forces in their offensive on the villages, including 57 women and at least 18 children and 14 elderly men."

Of the 190 civilians, at least 67 were summarily executed or "unlawfully killed" by the rebels. "There is no evidence that they could have posed, or could have been perceived to pose, any threat to the fighters," HRW writes.

The groups -
Ahrar al-Sham

- Islamic State of Iraq and Sham

- Jabhat al-Nusra

- Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar

- Suquor al-Izz

Of particular note the leader of the group Sham al Islam which is led by a former GITMO inmate that was returned to Morocco called Ibrahim Bin Shakaran helped liberate Syria from an 80 year old woman.
They were shooting at us from two different directions. They had machine guns and were using snipers. My older brother came down and hid with us as well. We hid, but my dad stayed in the house. He was killed in his bed. My aunt, she is an 80 year old blind woman, was also killed in her room. Her name is Nassiba.
Bismillah al rahman al rahim?

What grace? What Mercy?

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