October 11, 2013

Syrian Rebel Group Takes Russian Hitchhiker (Konstantin Zhuravlev) Hostage, Accuses Him of Being Russian Spy

Brown Moses:

this picture from Liwa al-Tawhed, showing a passport belonging to a man arrested and accused of being a Russian spy by Liwa al-Tawhed.

The man is actually Konstantin Zhuravlev, a former computer programmer who retired and now hitchhikes around the world. His passport is posted on Liwa al-Tawhed's Twitter feed.

According to his Facebook he recently arrived in Instanbul and was traveling to Southern Turkey near the Syrian border. He also reports a recent visit to the Egyptian desert.

He has several other social media accounts, for instance he posts photos here on Redbubble and here on VK.com. And a seldom updated Twitter feed.

His fate is unknown at this time but Islamic Terror groups generally behead those accused of spying shortly after a Kangaroo Sharia judgement. One can only hope that they realize their mistake and release him without condition.

On the bright side Russian intelligence has a very special way of dealing with those that murder Russians.

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