October 09, 2013

Shirley Sherrod Suing Andrew Breitbart's Widow

Stacey McCain has a post up about it, I'm too disgusted to write much of anything. If you have Netflix, though, I'd encourage you to watch Hating Breitbart (or better yet, go buy it). One of the things that irritated Andrew Breitbart the most about the Shirley Sherrod controversy is that all of the "false reporting" he was accused of making about Sherrod came from the MSM, none of it from Andrew himself.

The fact that someone at Fox News didn't actually read Andrew's post which accompanied the video which showed Sherrod admitting she had initially turned down a white farmer for a loan because of his race wasn't his fault. The accusations against Breitbart were baseless because he did none of the things the Left accused him of doing.

Andrew's point in that video was not Sherrod's misdeed, it was the reaction of the NAACP audience who seem to approve of Sherrod's racist actions. The video was an indictment of NAACP members far more than it was of Sherrod. Go watch Hating Breitbart to see what Andrew really did in this case vs. what the leftwing media accused him of doing.

Anyway, Sherrod has no grounds for this lawsuit and it infuriates me that she's trying to drag Andrew's widow into this thing.

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