October 09, 2013

Family Claims al Libi Innocent Pizza Delivery Boy Who Just Happens to be Good Friends w/ Osama bin Laden


Your mid-morning laugh:

The family of Abu Anas al-Libi, the alleged al-Qaeda leader seized by American forces in Libya, last night claimed he was innocent and had been working in a pizza restaurant while in Britain, not masterminding international terror attacks....

He described how his own childhood had been spent on the run, leaving primary school in Manchester for a life first in Afghanistan, where his father became close to Osama bin Laden, and then in prison in Iran.

But he insisted his father had gone to Afghanistan to “help the oppressed” and was innocent of the murders of 224 people in the twin bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam, of which he is accused by the US.

You'll have to read the rest to see what else this pile of poo had to say about his father. I have a three word description of the words guys like this use: hi lar ious.

See, my Dad couldn't be a terrorist because he's a "normal guy".

He couldn't be a terrorist because he "had a job".

He couldn't be a terrorist because he was just "helping people" in Afghanistan.

He couldn't be a terrorist because he was just Osama bin Laden's "body guard".

Oh, and he was forced to leave the UK because the police were "harassing" his father.

Because terrorists never seem to be just normal guys, with jobs, who think that killing infidels is really just a way of helping people get out from under their thumbs. Also, you're not a "real" terrorist if you were just a regular foot soldier terrorist. Only the top guys should count as "real terrorists". And when the police start investigating you for your terror connections it's all a conspiracy to harass Muslims.

And the thing is, I think this guy actually believes what he's saying because in his universe the words he uses to describe reality are in fact not connected to reality at all. Hence, the terrorists are just freedom fighters.

You know who the real terrorists are don't you, infidels? Look in the mirror.

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