October 08, 2013

FUBAR: DOD Refusing to Pay Death Benefits Because of "Shut Down" UPDATE: Obama Intentionally Withholding Benefits

If this doesn't make you mad, you hate America. No, I'm not kidding.

Go to the link. It's not hypothetical. A ranger unit was attacked over the weekend in Afghanistan with heavy casualties. The families of those who just made the ultimate sacrifice are getting an IOU.

This is insane. It's ass kicking time.

UPDATE: It gets worse. This in from the House Armed Services Committee:

We flagged this early last week. Chairman Joe Wilson from South Carolina runs our military personnel subcommittee and sent this letter up to Secretary Hagel on Friday.

In it, we attached the list of pay and benefits that are included in the Pay Our Military Act. See the list below the letter. The House interrupted this as including the Death Gratuity. The Obama Administration chose to read it as not including the Death Gratuity.

So now we are working to give them the specific authorization for Death Gratuity in shutdown. I'd expect that bill to hit the floor very soon.

So, how far will the Obama Admin go to make the partial shutdown as inconvenient as possible? So far they're willing to deny death benefits for fallen soldiers, even though Congress already authorized the paying of those benefits.

Obama is trying to be an asshole. He succeeded.

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