October 04, 2013

NYPD Cops Among Lawless Biker Gang


Now we know why there were no police in sight during the entire lawless biker rally. They were all undercover:

A pair of NYPD detectives rode last weekend with the motorcycle mob that battered a Manhattan dad as his terrified family watched, a source told the Daily News.

The two cops apparently waited several days after Sunday's brutal assault before informing supervisors about their involvement in the high-profile case, the source said. [...]

A second source indicated two or three more officers were riding with the bikers, although their roles in the wild melee were unknown.

To protect and to serve. Isn't it nice to know the NYPD will stand by and watch people get dragged from their vehicles and beaten? Since when is protecting a drug investigation more important than saving a person's life?

BTW, I understand some of you are concerned about labeling these crotch rocket thugs as "bikers." I used to ride, so I am also a little sensitive about the issue. I just use the term "biker" to distinguish between the riders and other type vehicles. It is in no way my judgement against all motorcycle riders.

*Image from Jalopnik. This video used for the .gif can be viewed HERE.

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