October 04, 2013

Bacon Tea Not a Hit With Muslima

Damn, bacon tea, pure genius!

A Muslim woman is accusing the popular TGI Friday's casual dining chain of tricking her into eating a food that her religion forbids: pork.

According to her story, last weekend at a TGI Friday's in Garland, Tex., she ordered a cobb salad but requested that her waiter remove the bacon. The waiter agreed, she says, but didn't appear happy about the request.

Next, Queen says, a different server, who replaced her waiter, offered a free refill on her tea. Queen says she thought this was some sort of apology, but when she sipped the tea, her mouth filled with bits of bacon.

Where can I get some?

Then again maybe it wasn't bacon but those genuine imitation bacon flavored bits of whatever that stuff is. So if your bacon bits are totally fake is it still Haram? If I were Kalif it would be the fake ones that would get the Fatwa.

So glad I'm Protestant, pass the pork chops please.

Hat Tip: CAIR aka WTF.

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