October 03, 2013

Islamophobe on Capital Hill Compares Islam's Peaceful Inner Struggle with Racist, Xenophobic, Teabaggers

Tea Partiers Plot Jihad on American Health Care!

Muslims everywhere take umbrage to Democrat George Miller comparing the peaceful inner struggle of jihad with unpatriotic, terrorist, tea-baggers!

"When you were on the jihad against Americans' access to health care, shutting down the parks wasn't a problem. Shutting down NIH wasn't a problem."
Or, maybe I'm wrong? Maybe Miller is saying shutting down the government is good? Good like the peaceful inner struggle of jihad.

I don't know, I'm kind of confused. I thought we weren't allowed to use the word jihad unless it was something positive? You know, like I jihad dirka dirka Muhammad jihad you.

Which in new speak = I LOL at your crazy kitty video!

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