October 03, 2013

Cyber War Not so Cyber in Iran Anymore

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving Cyber Commander. It'll probably turn out to be petty crime, but why don't we go ahead and just blame the Juice? They're going to get blamed anyway:

Mojtaba Ahmadi, who served as commander of the Cyber War Headquarters, was found dead in a wooded area near the town of Karaj, north-west of the capital, Tehran. Five Iranian nuclear scientists and the head of the country's ballistic missile programme have been killed since 2007. The regime has accused Israel's external intelligence agency, the Mossad, of carrying out these assassinations.

Ahmadi was last seen leaving his home for work on Saturday. He was later found with two bullets in the heart, according to Alborz, a website linked to the Revolutionary Guard Corps. "I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol," an eyewitness told the website.

I, for one, hope it was the Mossad.

If it was the Juice, what does this say about cyber operations? I just had a lengthy argument with a fellow academic about just how bad cyber attacks were. My point was that in a cyber attack no one gets killed, hence there is a lot of overreaction in the security community to the threat.

But if the Mossad thinks your unit is doing enough damage that it merits an assassination (assuming it was an assassination) then maybe the bad guys are getting better at doing harm then I'm giving them credit for.

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