October 01, 2013

NY Man Gets 18 Years for Funding al Qaeda

Despite the name, Hasanoff holds two passports: US and Australian. Some US papers claim he was "raised in New York", while Aussie papers claim he was "raised in Australia". So, your media at work. I don't have a full bio on the guy, but it looks like he spent his early childhood in Australia, then his parents immigrated to New York.

He did go to college in New York and spent much of his adult life there, until he move to the UAE as a stockbroker. It was there that he hooked up with al Qaeda and began raising money for them. He also apparently did "surveillance" for them in New York at the NYSE, but it's not clear exactly how much of this was "surveillance" and how much of it was "video of a part of Manhattan that is a tourist attracting, in fact, has it's own real time live streaming video right now should al Qaeda be interested".

But he did intentionally raise fund for al Qaeda, agreed to help them get detonators, and now he's going to be watching his cornhole for 18 years:

[Sabirhan] Hasanoff, who entered a guilty plea to a charge of providing material support, including financial support, equipment, and technical advice, to al-Qaeda associates in Yemen, was sentenced on Monday to 18 years' jail in federal prison.

Judge Kimba Wood showed little mercy, shaving just two years off the maximum sentence.

Ironically, the two years shaved off was because:
The chaplain described the “outstanding contribution that Mr. Hasanoff has made as an active member of Muslim Faith Community” at the jail, and said that he had been “a positive model for other Muslim inmates.”

That is a suggestion that the defendant has turned over a new leaf,” Judge Wood said.

Right, because being an active member of the Muslim Faith Community is a positive sign that a Muslim extremist has turned over a new leaf.

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