October 01, 2013

I Got a Fevah and the Only thing to Cure it is MOAR SHUTDOWN!!!

I know, I'm a meanie. The federal government being shut down for a day or three means apocalypse. Dogs and cats, sleeping with each other. Biblical stuff.

And yet ..... life goes on. People do what they do. We survive.

It's almost as if American society existed before the Housing and Urban Development Administration. As if kids learned to read before Head Start. As if college campuses existed before Upward Bound.

Me, I feel nothing. No, that's not true. I feel great.

It's about time those who suck at the teet of federal largess start feeling what a recession feels like. That they know what it means to worry about the next paycheck.

But I'll really only be happy if this thing drags on long enough that the housing bubble in Washington, DC finally pops. One of the few places in America that home values never truly went down. And why? Because the federal government insulates those attached to it from the real economy.

While federal employees whine about "not getting cost of living adjustments" for the past few years, the rest of us had to worry about whether or not our homes would be repossessed.

So, screw them. Screw them all.

Me? I'm happy. If only for a day.

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