October 01, 2013

Due to the Shutdown Death Fatwas Will Be Delayed Indefinitely

I'm just going to sit around linking Ace all day. Because without Federal support I just don't think I can achieve my recommended daily amount of Fatwa.

But there is a psychopathic, misdirected-sexual-impulse Death Cult cadre of Islam.

And it's really time we stopped pretending about it. I don't know if talking about this fact "helps" or not. I have no idea if it helps -- or how it would help.

But whether it helps or not, speaking the Truth about things should not be impermissible in society. The truth should not be deemed polite.

And the truth should not be required to produce tangible secondary benefits.

Many PC idiots will say things like, "Well, how does it actually help matters to speak the truth about things?"


Huh? Oh yeah. We will resume accepting Fatwa applications as soon as the current crisis has abated.

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