October 02, 2013

Bikers Terrorize Family On NY Highway (Update: Biker Family Needs A WAAAmbulance)

UPDATE III: Charges dropped against biker Allen Edwards, who was seen in the video punching the Range Rover's rear window near where Lien's 2 year old child sat. Police had received over 200 complaints about the aggressive bikers prior to the attack.

Speculation is the bikers were trying to force vehicles off the road so Hollywood Stuntz participants could perform their stunts on the empty highway. [Ed: Updated with link.]

(Alexian Lien unconscious in street after being dragged from vehicle, beaten, and slashed.)

Facebook page to support Alexian Lien HERE and HERE.

Facebook page to support Rover HERE.

Facebook page to support the biker who got his ass handed to him HERE. (Comments are great reading!)

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UPDATE II: Second rider Allen Edwards arrested , facing reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing charges.

UPDATE: The rider who obstructed the SUV's path has been arrested.

Motorcyclist Christopher Cruz, 28, allegedly sparked the wild ordeal after he swerved in front of Alexian Lien, 33, on the Henry Hudson Parkway and stopped short, causing Lien to rear-end Cruz on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Cruz, of Passaic, N.J. — who was riding with a swarm of dozens of motorcycles that surrounded Lien's Range Rover — allegedly cut the driver off and caused an accident, police said.

The biker was charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. He was waiting to be arraigned Tuesday.

One of the jerks who attacked the SUV ended up getting what he deserved pretty much.
Lien hit the gas to escape, plowing into at least three motorcycles and striking one of the bikers, Jeremiah Mieses, 26 - breaking both the man’s legs, sources said.

"The rider was bleeding out of his mouth and nose even though he had a helmet on," said a witness, who asked to remain anonymous. "He was conscious but couldn't move at all."

His dad thinks he a victim.
Meises, the 26-year-old biker, was taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, where he was being treated for two broken legs. Friends and family said that doctors feared the biker may never walk again.

"My son just got out of surgery. Now we have to contend with his situation that he will never walk again," Meises' father, the Rev. Edwin Mieses of Hazleton, Pa., posted on Facebook.

Well, WTF did he think would happen? Ooh he didn't think did he. Sorry Bub, tough lesson to learn the hard way, the very very effing hard way. But um, yeah.

Mieses' wife insists her husband was just trying "to help someone." Riiight. ;)

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When I first heard about this story, I sided with the bikers. It originally came out as an SUV plowing down motorcyclists, killing one, then fleeing the scene.

But after viewing the video, clearly the bikers were out of control. Also, it is reported there were only minor injuries, with the driver of the SUV receiving the worst of it from the beating at the end.

The incident starts when one of the bikers closely (and deliberately) cuts in front of a black Range Rover and then slams on brakes in what is known as a "brake check." The SUV can't stop quick enough and taps the bike's rear wheel.

Watch the video to see what happens next:

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