September 27, 2013

The Sex Jihad?

Is some of the propaganda about the Sunni Sex Jihad or Jihad al-Nikah just propaganda with little credibility produced by the Syrian regime to make Sunnis look bad.


The only real evidence of women embarking on "sex jihad," comes not from Syria but from Tunisia's Chaambi Mountains, an area in the west of the country that has often been the site of clashes between the military and jihadists. Tunisian security forces there arrested several girls who were allegedly involved in the practice. Guellali said that she spoke to the mother of an 18-year-old female who was involved -- the mother said that a woman close to the Tunisian militant group Ansar al-Sharia got her daughter tangled up in a network of girls in the area.

But the scope of the problem -- and whether it is related to Syria in any way -- remains a complete mystery.

"It's a bit disturbing that we have these kind of declarations and then there is no follow-up," said Guellali. "[The authorities] threw out this information that they had several cases of women coming back pregnant, but there is no tracking of the cases either by the Ministry of Women or the Ministry of Interior. And they won't give any further information.

But do the Sunni terrorists really need any help to look bad.


Terrorism advocates are similar to some market traders. They do not hesitate to promote certain beliefs for the sake of marketing their products. Al-Qaeda used all means, including sex, to recruit young men and women from anywhere they have a recruitment network. They promise them martyrdom, gardens of delight and 72 virgins after death and they seduce them with female slaves while alive. Algerians suffered from these barbarous groups for two decades. They took refuge in the mountains and then attacked towns and city suburbs in order to loot, kill and kidnap women to use them as sex slaves and maids.

Let us remember that raping the mind poses the biggest threat. It is through this act that brainwashed people can be directed to commit any crime. These victims of brainwashing enter Syria, where people are either besieged or pursued and the world has given up on them. They have deceived many people into joining them under the slogan of fighting the Syrian regime. People have thus found that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is not any less evil than the Assad regime which they revolted against.

Its like Rusty says, on one side you have a bunch of evil lying semi civilized anti-American Shai butchers whereas on the on the other you have a bunch of evil lying so bloodthirsty we don't even pretend Anti-American Sunni butchers.

You must choose.

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