September 24, 2013

Actual Science! Man Made Global Warming Hypotheses False

Actual peer reviewed science is a, gasp, climate denier.

Check out Climate Change Reconsidered II for yourself. It is the top, No. 1, presentation of the other side to the Democrat Party’s controlled media on the issue. If you want to see what that is, this is your one stop source. If you personally want to believe that using the traditional, carbon based energy sources that have fueled the Industrial Revolution and modern prosperity will destroy the planet, and that we can fuel the modern economy with windmills and dancing on sunbeams at minimal net cost, then it is your personal right to pursue your alternative reality fully ignorant of your errors.

Besides the models, the UN’s IPCC tries to argue that circumstantial evidence is consistent with its theory of catastrophic, man caused global warming if it were true. This again is not the scientific method. As Karl Popper explained, “observations in science are useful to falsify hypotheses, and cannot [rigorously] prove” any hypothesis is correct. In other words, the true scientific method involves a null hypothesis which is the logical opposite of the hypothesis being explored, and is assumed correct until the evidence proves it false. That is because experimental or physical evidence can only rigorously prove something false, not prove it true.

But as Climate Change Reconsidered explains, “the IPCC assumes its implicit hypothesis [catastrophic, man-caused global warming is real] is correct and that its only duty is to collect evidence and make plausible arguments in the hypothesis’s favor.” This is political science, not actual science.

True dat.

But there are some folks who believe that a politician who's energy policy, "will necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket." is anti Big Oil profits and helping the little guy.

I mean higher prices means higher profits, no?

These same folks believe that policies that cut through regulation, promote lower pump prices and more well paying jobs on the oil industry are Pro Big Oil and are oppressing "the little guy"

Yeah, having a job and affording to fill your tank and pay your power bill is really really bad, Mkay. I'm not sure how either but that's what they tell me.

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