September 20, 2013

Dead Piece Of Shit Mocks Piece Of Shit, Or Something

The last gasp of an American traitor, I guess.


In both communications, al-Amriki, who is also known as Omar Hammami, focused on his virulent opposition to Godane's leadership.

"The cause of the problem is basically that [Godane] left the principles of our religion and he is trying to change al-Shabaab into an organisation that oppresses every single Muslim in an effort to make him the next Siad Barre of Somalia," al-Amriki told VOA when questioned about his differences with Godane, also known as Abu Zubayr.

Godane wants to be the "leader of Somalia regardless of whether he is ruled by sharia or by any other laws," al-Amriki said. "Basically he has lost the entire principles of what we began jihad for."

Welcome to the real world, son. Oh, wait, you're dead. Oops!

Thanks to the meanest kitteh.

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