September 19, 2013

Where's Vinnie?

He's drunk of course, its a natural thing.

A 61-year-old man with a history of home-brewing stumbled into a Texas emergency room complaining of dizziness. Nurses ran a Breathalyzer test. And sure enough, the man's blood alcohol concentration was a whopping 0.37 percent, or almost five times the legal limit for driving in Texas.

Eventually, (DRs) McCarthy and Cordell pinpointed the culprit: an overabundance of brewer's yeast in his gut.

That's right, folks. According to Cordell and McCarthy, the man's intestinal tract was acting like his own internal brewery.

Asked for comment Vinnie replied, "Its a f*cking miracle!" then turned and continued making unwanted advances on Rusty's wife.

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