September 19, 2013

Daily Mail Scrubs Bill Clinton Quote: "Hillary Eats More P*ssy Than" Me

Ok, so it's not a Bill Clinton quote. It's Gennifer Flowers quoting Bill Clinton:

"He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had."
This is Bill Clinton, so that's a lot of p*ssy!

But, of course, the quote was too inflamatory so the Daily Mail yanked it with no explanation. But Zip took a screenshot before they took down the offending quote.

So, Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Or bisexual. Or whatever.

But not the good kind.

To review.

Good lesbians/bisexuals:

Scarlatt Johannson & Natalie Portman get freaky

Bad lesbians/bisexuals:

Hillary gives Christian Aguilera the "Rusty" treatment

Okay, so maybe that last pic is only half bad.

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