September 19, 2013

More Awesome: al Qaeda, FSA Continue to Clash in Syria

The good news: more reports of clashes between al Qaeda aligned fighters and more moderate, secular forces in Syria.

The bad news: if Syrian rebels keep this up then it will be easier for Assad to win this thing:

The latest round of fighting started when [al Qaeda] fighters tried to abduct a German doctor in Azaz and Northern Storm fighters tried to stop them, rebels said. After expelling their opponents, ISIL fighters spread throughout the town and positioned snipers on rooftops.

Northern Storm fighters moved to the border crossing, joined by fighters from the powerful Tawheed Brigade who came from Aleppo to try to broker a truce. Tawheed has a large presence in Aleppo, Syria's largest city, about 30 km south of Azaz.

"Reinforcements from the Tawheed Brigade were sent to impose a ceasefire on the two sides," said Abu Obeida, a Tawheed spokesman. "There is still no ceasefire yet ... There are negotiations under way."

I keep hearing people say we're supporting the wrong side. No we aren't. Supporting any side is the wrong side when you have an Iranian Hezbollah supporter on one side vs. rebels aligned with Salaafi jihadists and al Qaeda on the other.

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