September 18, 2013

2 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Entering UK

The two are British citizens of Pakistani heritage and were arrested as they were getting off the ferry from France at Dover. It looks like they were involved in something overseas (Syria?):

Two British men were being questioned tonight on suspicion of plotting terrorism abroad after they were arrested entering the UK.

The pair, aged 22 and 29 and understood to be of Pakistani heritage, were detained at Dover after arriving from Calais.

Ammunition was seized during the arrests, which triggered raids on an East London property and two vehicles, Scotland Yard said.

That was stupid, bringing some ammo back from Syria.

On the one hand, when our extremists go overseas we benefit in two ways: One, they are likely to get themselves killed meaning one less extremist for us to deal with; Two, they are SEP (Somebody Else's Problem).

On the other hand, a recent study suggests that when extremists come back from jihad abroad that they are more likely to commit acts of violence at home. So those who don't get themselves killed are much more likely to do bad things here. Making them somebody else's problem no more.

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