September 17, 2013

The Common Thread Between Islam and Communism

And don't forget Nazism too. Anyway its the dead bodies.

ike every intellectual worthy of that description, let us be skeptics. When we tried to understand National Socialism, we began with intellectual conceptions. In vain, until we saw the bodies. Neither nationalism nor socialism nor any combination of the two explains what National Socialism is. It is the emaciated, shrunken, martyred bodies, the heaped up corpses, the wounded, burned, tortured, suffering flesh turned to ash. What people say is not important, but what they do. Communism is not to be found in the sacred texts of Marx, Lenin, Engels, Mao, Trotsky, Pol Pot, etc., but in the wasted, starved, martyred bodies which were incinerated behind the barbed wire; in the heaps of bodies and frozen corpses in Siberia. The truth comes from the prisons, the torture chambers, the gulags and the laogai — the death camps — not from The Communist Manifesto and not from Mein Kampf.

...When the facts are established, they can be connected to the Manifesto, Mein Kampf and the Koran, to determine what it is in these basic texts that moves the faithful to kill those who do not share their faith. The Manifesto of the Communist Party — the sacred text of Marxism — and other “Korans” of Marxism, justify the extirpation of the noxious classes. Mein Kampf — the basic Nazi text — maintains the imagined superiority of a people. The Koran leaves no doubt. It affirms the superiority of the chosen race of true believers who are adjured in the name of this superiority to kill, throttle, murder, torture the “infidels” to make them pay the “jizya”. Muslims explain: “There are 123 verses in this book that command killing and making war.” The best-known is “Kill the infidels everywhere where you find them.”


Hat Tip: A Buddhophobe.

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