September 13, 2013

Al Qaeda Fighters on American Help in Syria

Over at the Daily Beast a reporter sits down for dinner with four members of al Qaeda in Syria. Each was from a Gulf state but had been educated in the UK or Canada. On the prospects of receiving weapons and/or troops to help fight Assad:

Even if I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t take one from the Americans,” said Faraz, as he patted his Kalashnikov. “The Israelis would make sure it exploded in my hand. You [Americans] have your reasons to get involved now, and the reasons are not humanitarian.” He recited a long litany of U.S. military actions in the Muslim world that rarely if ever saved lives, and most often brought death and destruction.

“If the U.S. dares to ‘put boots on the ground’ here, they need to know that we will blow them out of Syria,” said Mohammed, staring intensely. “If they want another battle with us, we are ready for them like we are in Afghanistan, like we are in Iraq. If the US cared about the Syrian people, they would have done something before 100,000 Muslims [Syrians] were killed.”

With this, Faraz added: “Tell America: we will fight you where ever you kill more Muslims. We are ready when you are.

For once, I'm in total agreement with al Qaeda. I don't want to help them, and they wouldn't want our help even if we offered.

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