September 13, 2013

Our Ally Pakistan Also Finds Compulsion in Religion

And you thought needing to register and have identification to vote was a tall requirement, I mean its not like actual, count these jellybeans voter suppression, but the libs think its unpossible.

They should try being a Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan:

Regardless of their religious beliefs, Ahmadis have the right to lead private lives, being citizens of this state, which if seen logically, is granted to them by the very constitution that takes away their right to practice religion freely

evel occurred when right before the May 2013 election, separate voter lists were released for them. This led to the disassociation of the Ahmadiya community from the general election. They were of the view that being citizens of Pakistan, they have the right to vote like every other Pakistani irrespective of his/her religious beliefs. If there are no separate voter lists for other minorities residing in Pakistan then there should not be any separate voter list for Ahmadis. However, this reservation was never addressed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The hatred against Ahmadis is so deeply rooted in our society that even representatives of the government and its institutions avoid taking sides with Ahmadis.

In Pakistan religious persecution of the Ahmadi is not just a practice, its celebrated.
Just a few days ago, on September 8, 2013, an anniversary was celebrated all over Pakistan. This anniversary marked 39 years of the passing of the Second Amendment that pronounced Ahmadis as non-Muslims. Some of the most shameless and hate-filled statements were released by many a prominent religious leader of Pakistan on this day. Some called for the social and economic boycott of Ahmadis, some branded their activities as suspicious and called for serious action against them.

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