September 12, 2013

Omar Hammami Reportedly Killed by al-Shabaab?!?! ***Bumped***

Its not the first time he's been reported dead. But it seems that Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki's luck may have finally run out.Z

A US Islamist fighting in Somalia was killed Thursday in a shootout with Al-Qaeda linked Shebab militants, former comrades he had fallen out with, witnesses said.

Alabama-born Omar Hammami -- better known as Al-Amriki or "the American" -- was one of the most prominent foreigners fighting in Somalia, and the US State Department had offered a $5 million (3.8 million euro) bounty for his capture.
"There was a gun battle between Amriki and his men and other fighters, the reports are that Amriki is among those killed," said Moalim Ali, a resident in Bardhere, a small settlement in southern Somalia.

Two other extremists were also killed in the battle, including one other foreigner.
There were conflicting reports of the latter's identity, with some reporting he was Egyptian, others suggesting he may have been British or Pakistani.

"Amriki and two other fighters, one of them foreigner, have been killed near Bardhere," said Mohamed Wardhere, another resident.

There was no immediate response from the Shebab.

"Pics or it didn't happen", is a good rule for Somalia. But wire services are abuzz with eyewitness accounts lending greater credibility to these reports.

If or when absolute proof of life or death comes out we'll follow up.

Hat Tip: Intelwire.


I am God and to Him we return
we regret to inform you this news painful
martyrdom of Sheikh Ibomensour American
and his companion Osama British and one of the brothers from the Ansar called Arafat raid unfair by Omarahrkh Young Mujahideen and his followers in the state of Bay and Bakool Islamic and after the clashes lasted for two hours to defend themselves, were martyred mercy of God and أسكنهم roomy Amen
SAVE Egyptian Leader's speech in the woods with one of the brothers of the Ansar
# # #
O I Nbro you from the oppression of innocent people and we seek refuge in You from gloating enemies
Hat Tip:Switched.

UPDATE by Rusty: I'm ambivalent about this. Me and J.M. Berger have been trying to talk Omar into turning himself in for a while now, ever since he broke with al Shabaab. If Omar isn't dead yet then it's inevitable he soon will be.

So, on the one hand a wanted terrorist is (or might be dead). On the other hand, this particular wanted terrorist broke with the very same terror group that his membership in put him on the wanted list, and has been doing his best to undermine the terror groups legitimacy.

It didn't have to end this way Omar. You could have turned yourself in. But, alas, it ended in the very way you hoped it would end when you first went to Somalia: martyrdom.

I'd say win-win, but the fact that it was Shabaab that killed him makes me suspect that the outcome of this is a little more complicated then when terrorists usually die.

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