September 10, 2013

One Punch, One Kill

A black man screams that he hates white people and will knock out the next white person he sees. The next white person was Jeffrey Babbitt, a friendly 62 year old who cared for his ailing mother and spent his days helping friends and neighbors:

A 62-year-old man who was brutally attacked in Union Square last week died Monday.

On Wednesday, a man shouting that he "hated white people" punched victim Jeffrey Babbitt - who is white - in the face, witnesses said, causing him to fall and strike his head on the ground.

Lashawn Marten, 31, who is black, "made statements to the effect that I'm going to punch the first white man that I see," said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Investigators have not yet concluded whether this was a hate crime or not. I hope Lashawn Marten will at least be made aware that killing creepy ass crackas is frowned upon.

And some people think George Zimmerman should have taken a few more punches before using lethal force...

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