September 09, 2013

AQ Linked Group Claims Attack on Egyptian Interior Minister

The inside-the-beltway zombies keep spouting off the conventional wisdom that the reason the American people aren't gung ho about a war in Syria is because of Iraq. In other words, they're blaming Bush. That has some explanatory power. Some people are still blaming Bush. These people are called Democrats.

But why aren't Republicans supporting this? Iraq? Partially. But I think a lot of us are Middle East intervention weary because of Libya and Egypt. We don't have to go back years and years to be aware of the after the fall of the dictator, what next? question.

We know what comes next. Benghazi. The Muslim Brotherhood. And stuff like this:

An Al-Qaeda-inspired group based in Egypt's Sinai has said it was behind a bombing that targeted the interior minister in a failed assassination attempt, a statement on militant Islamist forums said.

"God has allowed your brothers in Ansar Beit al-Maqdis to shatter the security organisation of the murderer Mohamed Ibrahim through a martyrdom operation," the group said in the online statement, pledging further attacks.

A car bomb ripped through the interior minister's convoy as he was leaving home for work on Thursday, killing one person.

Ibrahim, who was travelling in an armoured car, was unscathed.

When the Assad regime falls, one of the greatest enemies of humanity will have fallen. But what comes next will probably be just as bad. Or worse.

We tried engaging the Muslim world. We failed. The lesson here? Never try.

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