September 08, 2013

U. S. Postal Stalkers

Now it makes sense.

Everyday there's this U.S. Postal Service vehicle driving down my street. Even when it's raining, or sleeting, or snowing, they drive by. When I'm out shopping or running errands, their trucks are always around.

They are stalking me.

Youtube user Interminably Abused has been chronicling her own stalking by the U.S. Postal Service. She has plenty of video evidence:

Even ComCast is stalking her:

She also has videos of other stalkers, including her landlord, landscapers, carpet cleaners for her building, janitors in office buildings she visits, various people in all different private vehicles on the road, shoppers in stores, Google search results, and advertising signs along the street.

I think Time-Warner cable may also be involved, as I frequently notice their vehicles in my area.

Frightening big brother stuff.

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