September 06, 2013

Study: Red Unicorn, Rainbow Brigades Dominate Syrian Opposition

rebel unicorn flag syria.jpg

Ah, now I know where President Obama, John Kerry, and John McCain are really getting their information:

The Levantine Rainbow Brigade

One of the most diverse and inclusive groups in Syria, the Rainbows are a true symbol of the original values of the Syrian revolution. Openness, plurality and equality represent the central ideas of this group, whose membership sometimes rises to double digits.

They often shame their radical opponents by appropriating their language and using it in a positive manner. For example, they say things like ‘we are on a jihad of love’, and ‘let’s behead hate’. It’s not quite clear why, but those slogans are seen as irritating and vaguely hippy-ish by many Syrians. Yet, as the Rainbows say, it’s better to be irritating and be heard than to be ignored like a passing cloud.

Now that's some funny stuff right there.

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