September 04, 2013

Lars Vilks Attacked at Art Gallery! UPDATE: False Alarm, it was "Art"

No English news that I can see at this moment, but here's a Google translation from the original Swedish:

A man in their 70s have been arrested after an alleged attack on Lars Vilks.

He went into a gallery with a submachine gun-like weapon...

Police have cordoned off a large area around Gallery Rönnquist & Quist in Malmo after the alleged attack.

Bomb Technicians are on the way from Gothenburg.

It now arrested the man went at 15 o'clock in the gallery near Gustav Adolf Square in Malmö.

He was carrying a red briefcase and said he wanted to show his art.

- Those who take care of Lars Vilks said he may show outside bag. When he opened the bag and the bag was there any kind of firearm. It looks like an old machine gun, says gallery owner Henry Rönnquist.

Lars Vilks bodyguards then drew guns and forced the man on the street.

Too bad they didn't shoot the suspect. But, then again, this is Sweden. I'm surprised the government let the bodyguards have guns at all.

As you can see from the image above, calling what Vilks does "art" is ... er ... a stretch. But inasmuch as anything "edgy" is "art", which is more controversial today: hardcore pornography or poorly drawn cartoons of Muhammad as a dog playing soccer?

UPDATE: Speaking of edgy "art" ....

It later turned out that the gun was not real, but a work of art that man should have liked to show off, police said.
Everything is art these days. Let me suggest that showing your piece of "art" that looks exactly like a gun to a guy who has hundreds of death threats each year isn't exactly what we'd call "smart".

Now you'll have to excuse me, my bowels are telling me it's time to leave some "art" in the "porcelain art gallery".

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