September 04, 2013

Omar Hammami's Wives Kidnapped by al-Shabaab

And also they murdered his friend for sheltering them. Or so he said yesterday in a telephone interview to VOA Somalia.

Here's an English summary of the story.

Omar Hamami said even after he has left from Al Shabab and Al Qaeda he still believes that he is a terrorist man wanted by the U.S government and the western countries.

When Omar Hamami was asked about his decision to relinquish from Al Shabab and Al Qaeda he answered that he has survied from assassination attempts against his life by the Al Shabab’s senior leader Ahmed Abdi Godane.

“Godane made Al Shabab as his own group and used to suppress the Muslim people.” he said.

Hamami has described Al Shabab’s leader Ahmed Godane like former Somali dictator Mohamed Siad Barre who was ousted by armed militias in 1991 which led Somalia to a lawless state.

The foreign fighter in Somalia has complained that his two Somali wives were kidnapped by Ahmed Godane and even he foes not aware of their fates.

“IO am also hiding my self in the Baay and Bakool regions.” he added rejecting to name which of the two regions he is living.

There is no word on the fate of his wives or children. Although its the first indication in some time that Omar AKA Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki is alive.

Hat Tips: Intelwire and Selected Wisdom.

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