September 03, 2013

Cornhole Watch: Censored31 Edition

La Capitlale'

Thursday Afettat Kamal was arrested after threatening Mons written three teachers Antwerp. It turns out that the man is a bosses Sharia4Belgium, this movement of Salafist extremists. The Montois was also present on the Internet where it broadcast videos, photos and extremist texts. He lived quietly in the floor of Roeulx.


Before yesterday, the Antwerp police went to Mons to stop Kamal Afettat. The man threatened three teachers of kindergarten and primary school in Antwerp.

In summary, in June, a scandal in Antwerp school. Several rumors of abuse of children enrolled in "From Blokkendoos" grow the business to close its doors and send their children on holiday earlier. An investigation was opened.

From the beginning, Kamal Afettat interested in the case, we specify our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. He contacted the parents involved and publish the names of teachers mentioned on his blog, Censored31. He did not stop there as he threatened the ladies on their Facebook profile.

This isn't the first time the long time terrorist supporter has been arrested. He's also a long time nemesis and troll here at Jawa Report.

We feel a very personal and heartfelt satisfaction each and every time he is subjected to a full body cavity search.

He's been running posts about supposed child abuse by Belgian officials for some time now. With several, in this reporter's opinion, to be attempts at blackmail. Repeatedly threatening to publish damning photo evidence "Unless".

Its one of his Anti-Semitic Khinspiracy theories. Belgian authorities have repeatedly investigated and found no wrong doing.

You too can rub it in here.

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