August 27, 2013

Censored31's "Freedom Fighters" Murder Aid Workers

I see our Belgian jihad supporter, Censored31, is back. This post is to remind him of the true nature of the people he supports:

Insurgents shot and killed 12 civilians in two separate incidents over the weekend, including six aid workers employed on government projects, officials said on Tuesday.

The bodies of six victims were found in the Gulran district of western Herat province, said Jamel Danish, media adviser for the ministry of rural rehabilitation.

Five were Afghan employees of The International Rescue Committee who had been kidnapped on Sunday, and the US-based group said it was temporarily suspending operations. It has worked in Afghanistan since 1988. The sixth victim worked for the ministry.

"The IRC is devastated and grief-stricken by the deaths of our colleagues who were all working to make a better Afghanistan," IRC president George Rupp said in a statement.

Every society has its bad guys, the US included.

The major difference between us and them is that we condemn our bad guys, they celebrate them. Take for instance the recent case of Robert Bales who murdered villagers in Afghanistan. How did the US respond? We prosecuted him, and he's been sentenced to life in jail.

We prosecute our murderers.

Now, here's a video of al Qaeda murdering 3 truck drivers in Syria. Let me point out that al Qaeda itself made the video. They aren't condemning the murderers, they're celebrating them.

That's the difference between us and them. Yes, we're the good guys.

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