August 27, 2013

Egypt: Cab Driver Beheaded By Muslim Mob

An update to this story. I had posted about violence erupting in Egypt, but new gruesome details have come out about one of the attacks:

An amateur video shot by a resident shows a mob blocking cars, checking the passengers inside. When Aziz's taxi was stopped, one of the protesters noted a cross hanging from the rear view mirror. Quickly, the young man was dragged out and kicked, punched and beaten to death. For several minutes, the extremists defiled the lifeless body kicking and spitting on it, concluding their performance by cutting off his head, which they left on the sidewalk.

(A Christian Cab Driver is dragged from his vehicle and beaten to death.)

(Hat Tip: TROP)

Below the fold, the amateur video of the mob dragging the victim from his cab, beating him to death, and then beheading him. The video was recorded from a distance so it isn't visually graphic. But it shows the size of the mob attacking.

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