August 27, 2013

Sentenced To Death For A Sip Of Water

But CAIR would have you believe Muslims in America are suffering much worse...

Iíve been locked up, handcuffed and chained, banished from the world and waiting to die. I donít know how long Iíve got left to live. Every time my cell door opens my heart beats faster. My life is in Godís hands and I donít know whatís going to happen to me. Itís a brutal, cruel existence. But I am innocent. Iím guilty only of being presumed guilty. Iím starting to wonder whether being a Christian in Pakistan today is not just a failing, or a mark against you, but actually a crime.

But though Iím kept in a tiny, windowless cell, I want my voice and my anger to be heard. I want the whole world to know that Iím going to be hanged for helping my neighbor. Iím guilty of having shown someone sympathy. What did I do wrong? I drank water from a well belonging to Muslim women, using ďtheirĒ cup, in the burning heat of the midday sun.

I, Asia Bibi, have been sentenced to death because I was thirsty. Iím a prisoner because I used the same cup as those Muslim women, because water served by a Christian woman was regarded as unclean by my stupid fellow fruit-pickers.

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When asked about her case, The White House responded that they were unfamiliar with the case and didn't want to get ahead of the legal process. /s

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