August 27, 2013

Are We Just Going to Let Little Johnny Syria Die?

Last night was one of those rare times I watch O'Reilly. In his interview with Allan Colmes, Colmes argued against Syrian intervention. To which O'Reilly replied, "Are we just going to let those babies die?"

Colmes was silenced. After all who can be for dead babies, right? Who can allow innocent little children to die especially in a chemical attack?

Of course there is no right answer to that. If you argue against intervention then you must be for dead babies.

Its a logical and moral fallacy that the news Media, Fox included, John Kerry and many talking heads will repeat thousands of times until we interfere.

But the truth of the matter is that babies have been dying in the most horrific manner during the Syrian conflict for 2 1/2 years now. Dead Sunni babies, Dead Shia babies, dead Christian babies, Dead Alawite babies.

Its horrid, It sickens me and has for 2 1/2 years.

Given the number of dead babies any person on any side with a child who has not fled Syria might as well start digging a small grave now. Because If there is one thing Syria has a surplus of its dead babies. A Google search for Syria dead babies this AM returned 29,600,000 results. Dead babies are the currency of the Syrian conflict.

Were those dead babies not enough to act? Why suddenly are these freshly dead babies a reason to make some half hearted effort to punish Assad for these dead babies but not for the all those other dead babies.

No one is talking decisive action to end or resolve the Syrian conflict. And if we do take out al-Assad how many dead Alawite, Shia and Christian babies do we give a pass to the Sunnis to kill?

And don't you for a minute think that any side will hesitate hold up dead babies after American cruise missiles or bombs fall and say, "The US and Obama are baby killers!"

We could possibly degrade the Syrian regime, we might also possibly be able to accidentally on purpose take out a few of the nastier elements al-Qaeda and al-Nusra in the process. A win win if you ask me. But not a solution.

To resolve the conflict will take the US and the West working with Russia together in concert. A huge co-operative military occupation to divide the country between East and West and force all sides to settlement. This requires good relations, no great relations, between Putin and Obama. Obama doesn't have any relations with Putin to say the least. Its just not going to happen. Not so long as Obama is president.

We are not the ones killing babies in Syria but if we continue on this mad rush to just do something, the freshest dead baby blood will be on our hands.

The conflict will still rage on and possibly escalate.

Our best choice for action in the Syrian conflict? There isn't one.

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