August 24, 2013

Attn Atlanta Area Jawa Readers: Team Rubicon Fundraiser & Get Together Tonight

Laughing_Wolf over at Blackfive is hosting a fundraiser this evening. Sounds like a good cause. If you're around this evening why don't you think about dropping by. Make sure to tell Blake (that's Laughing_Wolf) that Rusty says hi:

On Saturday, there will be a fundraiser for Team Rubicon, a charity that brings together the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders so that emergency response teams can be rapidly deployed around the world at need. This fundraiser is a gallery show of some of my work and includes photos of wolves, women, and shots from combat embeds in Iraq. (if I had been smart on marketing, would have called it "Wolves, Women, & War")

To make the evening something more, Atlanta-based Ranger Coffee is providing coffee for the evening; Pensadores Cigars will be giving away a limited number of free samples in the back garden of the gallery; Atlanta-based Bacon's Heir will be providing samples of their wonderful artisanal product and showing a very different sculpture for your enjoyment; and, Team Rubicon will have a representative present for media interviews and to talk about the amazing work done in the United States and overseas done by this charity.

A Different View at the Doo
WHEN: 24 August 2013
WHERE: The dooGallery, 205 Holtzclaw St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
TIMES: 3-6 Family hours, 7-midnight reception and fundraiser
COST: $10 per person at the door

Please note that the evening fundraiser is 21and up, dress is casual, and that a fun time is expected.

Sorry I didn't give the heads up earlier, but I kind of took the day off yesterday.

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