August 20, 2013

Muslims Organize Protest Against Islamic Terrorism; 25 Show Up

The tiny minority. If Muslim group plans a protest against drawing cartoons about Muhammad, you could expect thousands.


It is really nice to see this, even if so few.

However, you still have to ask yourself if this group represents Islam, or if more radical elements more accurately represents Islam. The problem is, Muhammad was very clear, in both words and example, of what Islam is.

Unlike the Bible which was composed over centuries and with multiple authors, the Quran was revealed by one person during the course of his lifetime. That means, unlike the Bible in which much of the interpretation is dependent on knowing the circumstances of the specific author, the interpretations and conclusions of the Quran can be isolated to one man.

In other words, Islam is what Muhammad says it is. If Muhammad says it is peaceful, then it is peaceful no matter how Muslims today behave. If Muhammad says it is violent, then it is violent no matter how Muslims today behave. And if Muhammad says his own example is the pattern of conduct Muslims should follow, and radicals are following that example, who represents Islam?

Muhammad did not protest peacefully. He did not defend the rights of others.

Muhammad was violent, vindictive, and merciless. He murdered those who opposed him, whether physically in battle or verbally in poetry. He silenced those who rejected Islam. He committed terrorism to instill fear and further his political agendas. He tortured and murdered in the name of his god. His example is Islam.

It's good that we have groups of Muslims who publicly reject violence. It's good that some Muslims choose to ignore Muhammad's bad behavior and only follow his good behavior. And it's good that many Muslims choose to follow peaceful (yet abrogated) verses from the Quran. But the reality of peaceful Muslims does not mitigate the reality of Islam.

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