August 22, 2013

Swedish Women Don Headscarfs In Solidarity With Muslimah Who Had Headscarf Pulled Off (Bumped & Updated - Hoax?)

UPDATE: A caller to a Swedish Radio talk show claims he witnessed the assault. He says the woman's own husband beat her, apparently for staying away from home for too long (via Google Translate):

SCAM? Ali from Fagersjö calling to Islam apologist and SD hater Cissi Wallin on Radio 1 and tells what likely happened when a Muslim woman was subjected to what is alleged to be a hate crime in the area on Friday, and that was taken as a pretext to stage a "hijabupprop" .

Ali and his friends became the witness to the incident by the media and hihabuppropets promoters described as a pregnant migrant woman in Islamic veil got his head pounded in the hood of a car by a Swedish racist. According to Ali, it was the woman's husband with the same ethnic background who went to the woman because she has been away from home for too long.

Women should be according to Ali and his friends at the time, barbecued and played football in the immediate vicinity nor incur any serious injuries, but could leave the scene under its own power, not in the ambulance as stated in the media. Ali says that hijabtjejernas story falls on its face because it did not live a few Swedes in the area.

He also thinks that it is bad that girls exposed to violence but that this in no way affects exclusively Muslim girls in veil. While Swedish girls and Syrian Christian girls get into trouble. Should we implement this kind of campaign hihabuppropet, you should do it in a fair way, says Ali, not by making up fake stories.

(I know the Google translate is not perfect, especially where is calls for barbecuing women! But until I find a better translation, this is it. If any visitors or readers can offer a better translation, please do.)

Clip of radio segment:

Original post:

No word on whether these same Swedish women will do anything to show solidarity with Copt women being brutalized by Muslim men or the increasing rape victims of Muslim immigrants.

Swedish women have been posting photos of themselves in traditional Muslim headscarves in solidarity with a woman attacked apparently for wearing a veil.

Among the protesters from various faiths were politicians and TV hosts.

The "hijab outcry" campaigners urged the government to "ensure that Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to... religious freedom".

The victim was taken to hospital after the attacker tore off her hijab and hit her head against a car on Saturday.

The assailant also shouted racist insults at the woman - who was pregnant - during the attack on Saturday in a Stockholm suburb, the victim's friends told Sweden's media.

Story sound familiar? It should. It happened before, but in France:

A young pregnant Muslim woman, who was allegedly attacked in the street for wearing a veil has lost her baby, her lawyer announced on Monday. [...]

In reporting the attack to police she described how she was set upon on Thursday morning by two men in the middle of the street, just after she had finished talking to her mother on the telephone.

She initially blamed the attack on two "skinheads", saying the two men "ripped the veil" from her head and tore part of her clothing.

The prosecutor for Pointoise, Yves Jannier, also said the woman had been kicked in the hip before she managed to flee.

French daily Le Parisien said police sources had some concerns over "inconsistencies" in her account.

A little too familiar if you ask me.

Pregnant Muslimah Miscarries After Encounter With Islamophobes

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