August 19, 2013

Report: White House Responsible for Stuxnet Leak

Forget the notion that the media is the fourth branch of government. The New York Times is really just an adjunct of the second branch of government: The Executive:

The Obama administration provided a New York Times reporter exclusive access to a range of high-level national security officials for a book that divulged highly classified information on a U.S. cyberwar on Iran’s nuclear program, internal State Department emails show.

The information in the 2012 book by chief Washington correspondent David E. Sanger has been the subject of a yearlong Justice Department criminal investigation: The FBI is hunting for those who leaked details to Mr. Sanger about a U.S.-Israeli covert cyberoperation to infect Iran’s nuclear facilities with a debilitating computer worm known as Stuxnet....

“I’m getting a bit concerned about the pace of our interviews — or lack of pace, to be more precise — for the book,” Mr. Sanger said in an email Oct. 30, 2011, to Michael Hammer, a senior State Department public affairs official. “The White House is steaming away; I’ve seen [National Security Adviser Thomas E.] Donilon many times and a raft of people below. Doing well at the Pentagon. But on the list I sent you starting on Sept. 12 we’ve scheduled nothing, and chapters are getting into final form.”

Leaks will happen, sure. That's inevitable in any administration. But when the pattern of the leaks all go in one direction -- Obama is a strong President on security -- then we have to wonder if those leaks aren't part of a programmatic political effort?

I think we need wonder no more.

H/T: Hot Air

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