August 16, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Posts Fatwa on Churches

Pajamas Media:

Incitement justifying the burning of churches was posted on the Facebook page of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Islamist party which ousted President Mohamed Morsi leads, in Helwan:
The Pope of the Church is involved in the removal of the first elected Islamist president.

The Pope of the Church alleges Islamic Sharia is backwards, stubborn, and reactionary.

The Pope of the Church sponsors Black Bloc groups to create chaos, pursue banditry, and siege and storm mosques.

The Church mobilizes the Copts in June 30 demonstrations to topple the Islamist president.

The Pope of the Church objects to the articles of Islamic identity and withdraws from the Constituent Assembly.

The Pope of the Church was the first to respond to Al-Sisis call to authorize the killing of Muslims and the outcome of the authorization was more than 500 dead today.

The Pope of the Church sends a memo to the current commission to cancel the articles of Sharia.

After all this people ask why they burn the churches.


Burning houses of worship is a crime.

And for the Church to declare war against Islam and Muslims is the worst offense.

For every action there is a reaction.

Nice little disclaimer they posted on the end there.

How dare those Christians refuse to live as second class citizens and deny the superiority of Islamic domination. For every action there is a reaction.

This is nothing short of the Muslim Brother sanctioning religious persecution and murder of the Coptic minority.

Sharia is the antithesis of Freedom. The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for the freedom to oppress the minority. For them to live as Dhimmis, as the subjects and slaves to Muslims.

Much like the Mahdis war in Sudan a century ago was a war for freedom, the freedom to enslave and trade the Kuffar or the other. They castrated the men and sold the women into sexual slavery.

Freedom, I don't think that word means what the Muslim Brotherhood thinks it means.

Unless and until they are willing to grant their neighbors their freedom as well they are unfit to rule. Sharia be damned.

Exit question; If the ruler of Sudan was the Mahdi? Just how many messiahs does Islam get anyway?

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