August 15, 2013

More Mostly Peaceful Totally Unarmed Moderate Muslim Brotherhood Protesters Protesting

Gateway Pundit:

Obama’s peace partners are rioting, executing police officers in the street and tossing police vehicles from bridges.

The Egyptian govt says 43 policemen were killed in today’s violence.

In this video it is not clear if the victim was a policeman, but he was killed by the group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters circling around him. This is just a small slice of the violence happening around Egypt today. They also shot a few rounds from an ak-47 into his dead body, so they were clearly armed from the start.

Talk about kick him while he's down.

Of course you've heard about horrifying moments that vehicles were pushed from bridges.

But check out out this video, the Muslim Brotherhood apparently has its own snipers too because just after you hear shots the driver of this truck runs into a guard rail.

From the Daily Mail you can later see the same truck, burning on the bridge.


But the narrative today is about the "government's deadly crackdown". As if these folks were some 60's hippies inserting flowers into rifles. Its so blatantly dishonest.

Update: She's Dead Jim! Their brain is missing!

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