August 13, 2013

Drone Strikes in Yemen are "Inward"?

I saw this over at Instapundit and am a bit mystified. In a discussion on what the GOPs stance on national security Glenn Reynolds says that it's not a choice between Reaganesque strength and Carteresque weakness. Okay, that's fine. But then he throws in this:

And, more importantly, a lot of the stuff being done in the name of national security like drone strikes on American citizens, or mass-spying (and mass-lying) by the NSA, FBI, et al. is stuff that aims inward, at Americans.
Uh, drone strikes in Yemen are aimed, "inward, at Americans"?

The drone strikes in question were in YEMEN. The last time I checked this would be outside the US.

Moreover, they weren't killed because they were American. Their citizenship was incidental. All three Americans killed so far were members of al Qaeda. Two of them avowedly so (Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan) and one of them most probably so (Awlaki's son). Worst case scenario is that Awalki's son was not a member of al Qaeda, but he had the bad luck of being in the car with two other members of al Qaeda.

It strikes me as unfair to call drone strikes on foreign territory -- especially territory not under the control of any actual nation state, such as in the hinterlands of Yemen -- anything other than what it is.

It takes some pretty slippery slope thinking to equate that with some kind of imagined authority to use the same tactics at home.

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