August 13, 2013

400 Missiles Stolen from Benghazi by al Qaeda? [UPDATE: Missiles Being COLLECTED by CIA]

Is this true? I hope not. If it is? It could either be very bad, or ... not as much. If the missiles were carted off to Syria, then I can't think of a more deserving target than Assad.

But it seems to me that if 400 US made surface-to-air missiles had made their way to Syria, that we would have seen a lot more downing of aircraft. Something I don't think has happened, at least not to a great extent.

So, I'm having a bit of a tough time believing this:

A former U.S. attorney representing Benghazi whistleblowers is claiming that 400 surface-to-air missiles were “stolen” and “taken from Libya” and are now “in the hands of some very ugly people.” He also said the Obama administration is “deeply concerned” that the weapons may be used to shoot down airliners....

Even more potentially shocking, DiGenova claimed the missiles are now in the hands of Al Qaeda operatives, according to his sources. His sources include “former intelligence officials who stay in constant contact with people in the Special Ops and intelligence community.”

“And it’s pretty clear that the biggest concern right now are 400 missiles which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten in the hands of some very ugly people,” he added.

If al Qaeda had these missiles, don't you think they'd have tried to use them by now? It's been almost a year since they attacked our consular offices in Benghazi.

UPDATE: This just makes a lot more sense:

Michael Ledeen speculated in an e-mail to Powerline that Syria had nothing to do with it; what probably happened, he thinks, is that the CIA was trying to collect some of the heavier weapons Libyan rebels had acquired during the war with Qaddafi....

If Ledeen’s theory is right, that the CIA was actually trying to recoup weapons rather than hand them out, then the scandal is — as it really always has been — about the light security in place at the annex and consulate to defend an arsenal as dangerous as 400 SAMs.

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