August 12, 2013

Must Read: Nidal Hasan More Honest than Obama

You have to read this from Mark Steyn. All of it. But here's the key takeaway:

Hence, the Internet petition. Linking to it from their homepage, my colleagues at National Review Online promoted it with the tag: “Thirteen people lost their lives with dozens of others wounded. And now the man responsible wants to claim it was workplace violence.”

That’s not true — and actually it’s grossly unfair to Major Hasan. He’s admirably upfront about who and what he is — a “Soldier of Allah,” as he put on his business card. On Tuesday, he admitted he was a traitor who had crossed over from “the bad side” (America’s) to “the good side” (Islam’s). He has renounced his U.S. citizenship and its effete protections such as workplace-violence disability leave. He professes loyalty to America’s enemies. He says, “I am the shooter.” He helpfully informs us that that’s his gun. In this week’s one-minute statement, he spoke more honestly and made more sense than Obama, Gates, Casey, the Armed Forces Court of Appeals, two judges, the prosecution and defense lawyers, and mountains of bureaucratic reports and media coverage put together.

Hasn't the argument by the Left whenever any one in the military accidentally stepped on the toe of one of our enemies who then cried torture! something along the lines of we're better then they are, we have to keep the moral high ground.

It was the same argument they used for closing Gitmo. But isn't being honest also a moral value we should hold our military to?

When an avowed traitor and terrorist is more honest than the Administration and military brass prosecuting him, then haven't we lost the moral high ground? Why isn't the Left complaining about that?

It's simple. It was never about the moral high ground to the Left. It was always about hating America. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, they say they love America. And they may believe it. But it's the kind of love an abusive husband has for his wife: if only she'd lose a few pounds, then everything would be ok between us.

Yeah, he really "loves" that fat ugly bitch. Those are love marks around her neck.

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