August 12, 2013

US Casualties "Mount" in Afghanistan

Remember how every time someone in our military died in Iraq the headline would always include some variation of the word "mount", "mounting", or "climb"? As if each new casualty marked a new high.

Which, of course, it did. That's just the way math works. One plus any number is greater than the original number.

Moreover, recall that every single casualty was always -- always -- used as a jumping point in the article which would then question President Bush in one way or another.

Oh, how far we've come:

Three US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan's eastern borderlands on Sunday, US and NATO officials said, the first NATO combat deaths this month.
Not only are these deaths not added to previous deaths -- no reference to "mounting" or "climbing" -- they are the first deaths this month.

But I'm sure the press is going to link these deaths to some Obama Administration policy? Perhaps the so-called Afghanistan surge?

Not even close:

The soldiers, from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), were killed by insurgents in Paktia province, a US official told Reuters.
And that's it. That's the entire article. The whole thing.

These people make me sick.

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