August 09, 2013


Some people really hate being PWNED.

So just in case you've been unable to read Jester's latest post, its mirrored here.



Pre-amble: I have had years of people coming at me using sexual ploys to try and needle my true ID out of me – but this is the first time I have had someone come at me using my ‘dox’ to try and actually get sex. This is a hefty post so here’s a spoiler (full resolution download here) if you are short on time, you’ll get the skinny straight away, but I highly recommend reading this full post for context and completeness.

The first thing I would like you to take notice of here is the quote above, please bear in mind that I actually tweeted this exact quote out days ago when I started work on this particular blog post. My reasons for pointing this out will become apparent as you (hopefully) enjoy this latest episode of wacky. So what’s been going on then? Well it seems somebody has taken a little shine to me and is more than a little annoyed that, well, to put it bluntly, I have rejected her internet delivered aggressive sexual advances. Here’s the scoop:

So a couple weeks back I get followed by one @RachelMarsden - I briefly glanced at her profile and saw she appeared to be a National Security and Political commentator so I followed back. She almost instantaneously began to make aggressive sexual advances to me in Twitter Direct Messages while also insisting she knew my true identity. I get this kind of thing a lot, so I just blocked her as another troll/failed social engineer. Unfortunately I find myself blocking between 50-100 lunatics a day and so thought nothing of it. A short time later a person I have respect for on twitter, whose name I am not going to mention, but lets just say his name rhymes with ‘orange’, contacted me to explain to me that @RachelMarsden was truly upset that I had blocked her, vouched for her, and requested that I unblock her, and because it was ‘orange’ requesting it, I unblocked and followed. But that’s a rare occurrence, so I decided to check this woman out, thinking she must be pretty amazing at whatever it is she does.


I immediately saw she’s outstanding at what she does. In fact, she’s been previously recognized the world over as a leader in her field. She’s a goddam convicted serial stalker. I shit you not. Here’s a small selection of her ‘awards’.

As someone once said, read the rest.

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